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About Me

“A tattoo is the reproduction of a story, a wound, a feeling that you want to remember forever.”
- Amy Softpaws

It is not without hiding that I am not a passionate but a possessed through this process of creativity that has always directed my life. We all aspire to a goal and an objective, mine being to create day after day, again and again ...

The tattoo remains the extrovert of the unspoken

To be tattooed is to tell a story. Your story. It does not matter the area concerned. Whether to beautify your body or the pleasure of modifying it, the tattoo is undoubtedly the way to take ownership of it and to reveal itself, to anchor your personality definitively.

A completely unique and vibrant work of body art

My pleasure grows through the person who entrusts me his project, it is limitless because it is a phase of exchange where everything is built and everything can be changed to finally give birth to a creation that will accompany it all at long of his life.

The act of the tattoo is almost more important in what it means of itself and what it brings, that the result, for magnificent that it can be

Let us bring your vision to life and transform yourself into a work of art!

I do not know anything more essential and more complete as artistic support than that of the skin. Being in symbiosis with your client is the best present for an artist because it will make your living art living canvas and this confidence he gave me is the most beautiful reward.

Maiden Tattoo & Piercing Studio Warranties

The step-by-step follow-up of your decision is important: you will be guided through the stages of preparation and post-tattooing / piercing care. In addition, the studio Maiden Tattoo & Piercing Studio makes every effort to have an impeccable salon in terms of hygiene and quality. If you have any questions about your next tattoo / piercing, do not hesitate to check our dedicated FAQ.

First contact

It is better to go directly to the studio with the maximum of elements (photos, sketches ...) so that we have a better understanding of the project

Preparatory sketch

We will then begin to make some sketches on paper that will be available a few days before the date set for the tattoo

Final render

For projects that require a lot of work and time with an imposed theme, we will take the time to make you a personalized and adequate creation

Body Piercing

We will study together your project, to guarantee you a professional result to the height of your requirements and expectations!

Tattoo removal

We remove tattoos from most any body part, so there is no need to keep a tattoo you do not want or are embarrassed to have.

Creative design

We also propose to make you a mix between your ideas and ours with a technique applied on the body directly, "free-hand"